In Response To the Friend Unknown

Her moon like face was clouded by worries
The tears fell from her beautiful eyes
Reminded me of the 
Feeble cry of a distant bird

When I glanced a questioning look
She just gave me a sobbing answer
Beyond the window the sky was darker
And I felt the earth slipping under my feet

It is about a poem, she told
Is it about my poem, I wondered
It is about your poem, she retorted
It could be my poem, I nodded

My emotional poem made her cry
As it triggered her emotions verily
When she told me she cried for My friend
It made me to cry for Her friend too.

Pleading To the Friend Unknown
Our hearts cried silently
She had the same experience of mine, it seems
After all we are humans, aren't we? 

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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