Here is Reflection-A Poem

When I look my reflection at the mirror

It made me just to think for a moment

Not because of the reason that I’m lost

The reason that hurt me is I’m changed.

Life is certainly a big journey

Where time passes and scenes changes

We keep running every day

There’s no time even to look at our own self.

At the cost of our precious eyes

We keep buying the valuable paintings

Is it really valuable, we don’t know?

Is it really worthy, only God knows!

I’m wandering at this barren land

A land where truth has no place

And effort has no value

I am wandering all alone, in search of so called truth.

Unless our heart gets comprehend

All the treasures in this world have no worth.

When we carry the message of true love

The world will mean everything to all of us.

                                         A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

The Endless Sky-A Poem

How interesting is to see this sky,
The blue one, endless and clear .
As clear as the way my mind is!
I wish I could be a bird to fly, can't I?

The countless stars looked at me in mocking style.
As I am wandering on this earth, not able to fly!
I wish I could fly at the sky, can't I.
This dream of mine could be cherished, isn't it?

A Short Poem by Ayubkhan.U

The Dawn-A Poem

This dawn added brightness to my life!
The ray of warm sun adds hope to my life!
A humming bird fly at the east sky,
Reflects the joy of the whole world!

This warmth is a pleasure indeed!
The warmth of love that rejuvenates life!
Sounds like the resurrection of hope,
Which make every human to live in pride!

                                                  A Poem by Ayubkhan.U