To the Friend Unknown

I fondly remember those precious moments  
When you used to wait for me, for hours
Like a shadow you followed me, such a nice friend  
What a sweet memory, time cannot erase your thought  

Often I found you, the one who is really different  
In a crowd I saw you alone, and priceless  
You made the moments so special and precious  
Now where have you gone, tell me dear friend  

Life's journey continues no matter who is with us  
Life's work goes on, it never gets stopped
Life has all the richness and so called wealth, so what
In my life, I lost you dear friend, where are you now?  

You are my friend in need, you were, that's true  
We often thought alike, but took a different path
Reasons can't solve this riddle, reasons never could  
There was no resolution, and you went far away  

I am waiting, though time has taken you  
Your thought is with me, time can't take your memory  
I remember the time when we walked together  
O' sweet memory, how dear you are to me.

                                            A Poem by Ayubkhan.U


Laura McDonald said...

Very Sweet and captures the feelings of a friend long gone.
Nice and I love it!
Keep up the good writing.

Sergey Kobinsky said...

All age are obedient to love.
It is wonderful.
Thanks. Respectfully Sergey

Bang Jack said...

very nice ... the topic touches everyone

Aakriti said...

such a lovely poem! No matter how rude the "time" is, it can never snatch memories from us! Beautiful memories will remian forever in our mind n heart! though time can take awway the moment, but it can never take the beautiful feeling spent on those moments! :)
Very nice poem......:)

Ijolumut'z said...

So sweet.. Ck, ck.

Marc Tubelleja said...

Such a wonderful poem. I can truly relate ;D

krisnanto said...

i like you full :)

baghdad78 said...

Nice words and wonderful poem :)

pipoq said...

sweet poem..

Mbroken1 said...

I really enjoyed the way you wrote this poem.

Joop Liefaard said...

Good poem with wise words.

Oke Zonne said...

Nice Poem, for a friend with a romantic style

ahmed MOLY said...

wonderful Poem

Efrain Nieves said...

Love these words! said...

You have written so wise words and it´s a fantastic poem!

Aberrant Soul said...

Nice poem i beleive that parents are made by our destiny but friends we chose by ourself so obvsly we ll chose better than the destiny .....good one

Farid Azroel said...

Nice poem.
Especially when you talked about memories.
So touching.

Sorry if my English were bad, I'm still learning ^^v

Suwardi said...

You have written the words are so wise and love life. but part of life to perform physics.

Kristianus Kurnia said...

beautiful poem :)

From A Travellers Desk said...

I like very much your poem about "Friend". Thank you for this.
It is very timely, a very dear friend of mine died on Thursday March 22, 2012. It was an untimely death. Very tragic. I was deeply affected and I was touched with your poem. I want to dedicate this to my dear friend Pacita. She was a friend of mine from Switzerland and supposed to be settling with her husband. I am still mourning.

From A Travellers Desk said...

Pacita was a friend of mine from Switzerland and supposed to be settling with her Swiss husband Paul in the Philippines.

u.ayubkhan said...

Dear Friend,
Thanks for your comments, am awfully sorry for your friend's untimely death. The poem has my emotions, about my lost friend.
May your friend Pacita's soul rest in peace.

Elen Lackner said...

Very nice poem. I greet you from Argentina. Elen Lackner

LesyaNK said...

I understand your feelings and thoughts so much, because no matter where we meet our precious friends here in Internet or in real life the feelings we are experiencing are the same.
It is a great pity your friend "went far away" but there is still a hope for an accident which will bring you and your friend together again. It happens sometimes, just believe in it.
The poem is an extremely romantic. Well done!

Sunday Oyebamiji said...

That was touching