The Importance of Change-A Poem

O' Friend, never prolong with what you have
Expect the new, 'cause change is inevitable
Life will never be the same, be prepared
To face the change, fearlessly and daringly

Be happy and never get afraid to see the change
Your life will not be interesting, if it remains the same
Life need changes, life can never be the same
So, Change before the world changes you

Innovations only happens with the change in thought
New thought or idea that brings  inventions for mankind
Is it worth, if man remains mediocre and dull
Often growth is inevitable, mediocre never works

When the Sun opt to take rest we call it as sunset
In the morning you find the Sun starts bringing dawn
It never rests forever, never remains the same
It accepts and makes the change and so you and me

Love this world with all your heart,  like the change
It may bring you prosperity, never get scared
 Learn to walk at times when trouble strikes you
Remember,  the path of life is not always full of Roses

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U


Sagittarian said...

I love this post..:) Changes is expected in any aspect..:) Thanks for sharing..:)

michael hourigan said...

so true. sometimes i don't like it, but it is true.

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Sardar Shahid Ahmad Khan said...

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adhianta prematico said...

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Jeremiah Evangelista said...

Truly, change is an inevitable thing. Change is a constant thing in this world. Sometimes, change may beset us but fear not, for something good always awaits. Change may not happen abruptly but it sure to happen.

Really a great poem!! I enjoyed reading it :). Please read my article about change as well

Khairul Asrol said...

yeahh nice poemm .. i like it! :)
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Johnny Wirjosandjojo said...

Yeah... :D
Human is dynamic creature... people that refuse to change is worthless creature...

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jimmy pappachan said...


terry wang said...

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rams said...

great poem dude keep it up !!!

gatevyom said...

good buddy

ChloƩ Marie Wead said...

Wonderful poem -great work!! :)

LesyaNK said...

"So, Change before the world changes you" - very wise and clever words as whole poem you have written.
There is a saying in my country: "Don't try to change the world, just change your attitude to the world and be happy!"

Iam said...

what a good poem . . . nice post

iWrench said...

Great poem! Thumbs up!!!

David bone said...

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