The Philosophy of Beauty-A Poem

When I saw you first, you reminded me of the moon
O' my walking beauty, how wonderful you are
With your quiet and peaceful face, and the bright eyes
What magic you did, tell me, my dear girl?

How artistic is the almighty God himself
To create a mesmerizing walking wonder! 
When you smiled at me I really lost myself!
It must have been love, isn't it my dear girl?

You didn't speak much, your silence conveyed more
Your very presence, made my life so precious
Your golden silence defeated my silver speech!
Its your very look, made me spell bound!

I read so many books, yet its hard to read your mind
It is so deep really, much deeper than the sea
When the rain brings shower, I think about you
You are so tender, the one who shower the grace!

It must be a dream, I really thought
It is not a dream, your presence proved
Your powerful eyes pierced my heart
Yet I didn't feel the pain but ecstasy

Your black hair, reminded me of the dark clouds
Are you the reincarnation of nature?
When I looked at your eyes, I found myself there! 
You came in to my life, your love imprisoned me!
                                                                          A Poem by Ayubkhan.U


Deborah A. Sullivan said...

This is so beautiful ...
Thank you much ...
~Blessings of Love2U ...

Rodders said...

I am by no means a poetry expert, but I liked yours and so, it must be good, well done.

Leonel Malalakovic said...

amazing poem for admiring a beautiful girl.....
by the way, this poem is reffered to your girlfriend???

u.ayubkhan said...

No Friend, it is pure imagination!

UAreTheAmazing Poetry said...

Thank you very much for sharing your poem.
God bless your lady for inspiring you to write like this.

Much love, always.

Blackevi said...

you make me to remember someone special in my life very well organised and written bro.
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Brad Lekin said...

So beautiful i like it Thanks for sharing with me
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alldatmatas said...

Very nice poem. U've got talents

cifar shayar said...

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David Githua said...

Beautiful poem

rokon lam said...

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Anonymous said...

I like the rhythm your verse creates.