The Bitter Truth-A Poem

This day, here I am waiting for the unknown!
Waiting quietly to know the truth I knew not!
This world often seems to be hostile,
Yet my heart often longing for the goodness!

There is certain amount of calm everywhere!
The roads are deserted, and so my mind!
I am in search of my love, my last resort!
I am longing for the life where love's real!

Life has certain possibilities, often elusive!
Life has certain values, its hard to attain!
Life is quite often misunderstood for good!
Life is eternal for the one who believes in love!

Why this sky is dark, where are those singing birds!
This deserted sky denotes certain amount of pain,
Making one sad for a while, turning the world gloomy!
At the distant sky, a single bird is flying, giving a sad sight indeed!

It is hard to understand the truth, isn't it?
Yet the truth is real, one must endure!
Reality often contradicts our imagination,
Reality conveys the truth, however bitter it maybe!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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