Truth vs. Lie-A Poem


Goodness in a man recedes with the act of lie
What makes one lie, where the truth has gone
Like a thick dark cloud which hides the mighty sun
The lie hides the goodness of a man for a while.

In these ever changing time, truth loses its value
Lie has taken its place, driving honesty to the end
Why do we survive, at the cost of truth ?
Why not we change, before we are asked to change!

Morals does exists, just only in theory!
When will it be practiced, is a million dollar question! 
Life's ordeal might be big, is there any doubt?
Yet it's moral, that forms part of the mankind!

Life's real values are love, affection and friendship
It doesn't require a price, has more value indeed
Do all the good deeds, as long as you are young
Youth is not eternal, remember this clear truth! 

                                                                                                            A Poem by Ayubkhan.U


103009189361191207203 said...

wow. life really is priceless. Love, affection and friendship

Madison Kist Gia said...

Beautiful poem! It was very uplifting and made my day :-) I am truly enjoying your blog. When you get a chance, please visit my blog called My Topics of The Day. The link is Please feel free to comment. Have a great day!


Brenda Porter said...

Amazing job! My favorite lines are "Life's real values are love, affection and friendship It doesn't require a price, has more value indeed.."

Karen Blessing said...

Inspirational words to start my day!

Lanaya Cooper said...

Great inspirational read! Thank you

Cheryl Simonds said...

Very uplifting and inspirational. I like how you talk about truth loosing its value, isn't that the truth.

Dileesh joseph simon said...

nice poem I Realy impressed..........

Musadhique Kottapramban said...

you said true. When a tinge of lie mixes with our life, that means we are receding from that much distance from truth.
all the best wishes to your blog

Hijaabi in the Rain said...

Very inspirational. I love writing poems and I love reading them even more

Brenda Porter said...

Hi! Please stop by or contact me at I have an award to present to you and would love to have you participate. Thanks! You definitely deserve this award hands down!


ayub said...
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ayub said...

Dear Friend,
I earnestly thank you for the award and your thoughtfulness is highly appreciable.

With warm wishes
Ayub, Chennai-India

lee woo said...

Sometimes the truth hurts. And sometimes it feels real good. See the link below for more info.


Silvia Jacinto said...

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sarah lee said...

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