There is a Path for every one

On my way home I found the path
I wondered, whether it could take me to my home
What if you stand still and remain wondering 
Unless you start, what it could worth my friend 

Human ideas are so many, refrain from your worries
Remember, there are many ways to reach a place
Yet, often the wise follows the one
The one that takes him to the right path

See the river when there is no wind
There is certain stillness and enchanting calm
Often wait to ponder for a while
And start quickly with a view to perform well 

When the sky turns black and stars starts twinkling
Plan your work for the days ahead
You cannot  just move with out any direction
Know your direction, don't let the twinkling stars mock at you

Life's possibilities are plenty, resources are abundant
Never let the negative thoughts occupy your mind
Have clear thinking, a calm mind is a blessing
Drive the evil thoughts before it corrupts your mind 

                                                                                          a poem by Ayubkhan.U


Tasneem Hameed said...

Some one said "Stop looking at limitations and start looking at possibilities". And another quote says"It is not aptitude, but attitude that determines your altitude". The above two are nicely depicted in your poem.

Sarah said...

beautiful poem. i really do feel like each line helped comfort me and i feel better after reading it.


Info Biz said...

This is deep i'm impressed

Neil Killion said...

Inspiring poem. I consider that I have the one true path and I want to share it with others because it's been under the collective noses of mankind all along.

jennie said...

Your poem is very nice and I enjoy your use of enjambment, which is extremely reminiscent of Thomas Hardy's poem 'The Voice'. Perhaps you could add a few rhyming words and work on the message you are convey to make it clearer :)

outRageous.pages said...

A very thoughtful poem, I quite liked it. =)
Maybe a couple rhymes here and there would help the flow, but other than that it's good. If it was meant to be free verse than disregard that comment.
I'm a new follower and I would love it if you followed me back. =)

u.ayubkhan said...

Hi thanks for your nice comment, I am following you through Google friend connects