This Mysterious Love-A Poem

This must be a mysterious world!
As the day starts with many questions!
This morning sun seems to be friendly!
Yet the faces of the people looks sad!

What made this world for its depleted resources?
Why there's a big scarcity for pure love?
With the mechanical stride of life,
The world sounds gloomy and dark!

True love must be the vision of every heart!
The heart that loves with no expectation!
The one that loves only for loves sake!
And to love wholeheartedly!

This night sky is a pleasure for lovers!
As the stars consoling every heart that in love!
This vast sky that witness the world of lovers!
Let this love make your heart comprehending!

                                                   A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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RAN IN JAN said...

very well written sir